The Idea Comes to Life!

Back in 2008, we were one of the ones lined up to buy the iPhone OS – the initial introduction of the iPhone into the mass.  We loved our iPhone and as the phone kept getting better with each release, so did the content available.  Pretty soon, we had downloaded apps that ranged from managing our personal budgets to fitness apps to Dora and Elmo apps for our two amazing toddlers.

The idea came after we had our second child. We were having concerns around the feeding schedule and our doctor asked us to monitor feedings and how many wet diapers he was having a day. For that year, we were bringing in our large health organizer and marked up looseleaf full of notes. That’s when we realized how much easier and more effective it would be if we could put EVERYTHING we needed in terms of our babies health and wellness into an application that we could take on the go. That’s when the idea was born.

We spoke about it for months and knew from speaking with family and friends that this was a really good idea. Finally we decided to take the risk and put the idea to paper. That’s how Grow With Me was born!

Grow With Me was designed for parents in mind. It’s your family health organizer from the moment the child is born straight into their teens. Not only can it manage organizing the demands of a newborn (feeding, sleep and diaper tracking) but it’s there for you if you want to track and manage their fever, medications, keep an immunization record, or simply record their growth progress from newborn into toddlerhood. We also remember the times you wanted to share progress with your friends and family so we included a graph views, the ability to export information to your partner or close family and, for those that want it, tweet or facebook directly from the app! For those super organized parents out there, we even provide desktop access to all your information which allows you to print or share graphs, data, charts, etc for your own hard copy records or to provide to your pediatrician!

We truly hope that Grow With Me iPhone application finds it’s way into your hands and helps ease that day to day management of a newborn. Have fun with it and don’t be shy…Let us know if you have any questions or feedback!

Grow With Me Team


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